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One of the joys of making this film series is meeting people along the way completely by surprise and totally unplanned in the moment like here with the great Usha Devi. We were filming at the world yoga festival when my friend Charlie who has been studying Iyengar for many years said “my teacher’s here, come and meet her”. And then found out Usha Devi had listened to the gaiea sanskrit music and there was just an instant kinship, a feeling of connection across countries, and across generations.”

Meeting with a man who has spent time with the land of these isles, who has learned and become accustomed with ancient traditions, who sees how the ancient can adapt to the modern and work hand in hand, who knows the stories and mythologies, who keeps bees and makes mead, who sings and prays and creates theatre, who sounds and chants

Right under our nose are places of great depth and sacredness in London. We went on a day’s pilgrimage to some of these sites including a secret prayer cave off Fleet Street, finishing at Brock House which marks the centre of the earth star according to Chris street. With the wonderful Madan Lloyd and Giles of the perpetual choirs (click button below to visit) as our guides our happy band (plus dogs x2) journeyed for the day on foot delighting (for the most part) those we passed along the way with the sounds of Sanskrit.

📸 and 📹 Juliette Bryant

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