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Thank you Son De Flor for sending this beautiful dress and another red one to wear for filming the Sanskrit Pilgrimage

It is so comfortable and makes me feel elegant and ladylike and very joyful. The linen material is glorious

It is very special to combine the sounds of Sanskrit with wearing beautiful hand made clothes in natural fabrics … there is beauty of sound and beauty of form and both are to be celebrated and enjoyed. And form is sound made manifest.

Whilst standing by the chalice well in Glastonbury suddenly it became clear the temples on these isles are in nature. The water is the goddess and in the water sounds travel. And through water healing is possible. Water infused with the mantras.

A gift to attend the annual Sanskrit Language Lecture given by one of my old school teachers Mr Warwick Jessup (who’s still teaching at St James) and hosted by the School of Philosophy and Economic Science

Warwick spoke of the new translation of an Adi Shankara text that he and Elena (Mrs Jessup) have been working on over the last two years, and has recently been published, “Search for Reality”.

In answer to a question about the Sanskrit language, he replied:

“One can’t pontificate about this, one has to experience it… the beauty of the language … it’s obvious, it’s exquisite, it’s Sanskrita. Sanskrita means exquisite, the sounds, the meanings, the whole structure of the language is exquisite, it goes to the heart. It’s purified. This language is for spiritual illumination, for philosophical advancement of humanity.”

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