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One woman’s quest to rediscover ancient wisdom

Join Gaiea for an adventure through England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland meeting people who have devoted their lives to living ancient wisdom, to understanding and practising rituals, to story, to healing, to sound and to expression. A journey of discovery to find out, if there is an interconnectedness to all things and how might it help us today.

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Each Monday we will be posting updates on the progress & adventures of the Sanskrit film as Gaiea and her team travel across the British Isles, interviewing scholars, enthusiasts and hidden heroes.


"Before Lockdown, I was about to go to India to begin research for a documentary about Sanskrit, interviewing people across India, speaking in Sanskrit and visiting beautiful locations from Nepal to Kerala where there is a wealth of knowledge of Sanskrit. The message I have received since lockdown is clear: start where you are.

Instead of travelling abroad, look at the country and land you were born in and research the depth and wealth and breadth of Sanskrit that is alive here and now. The aim of the documentary is to answer such questions 'how long have the sounds of Sanskrit been active and alive in the British Isles and Europe' and to look at links between the heritage of Sanskrit and British and European heritage. To interview experts, practitioners and simply lovers of this language and soundscape. To find out why it is so important that these sounds are acknowledged as living as opposed to part of a 'dead language', and how these sounds are used in the daily lives of many here in the UK and Europe.

The aim of the documentary film is to explore, keep asking questions and see where they lead and of course meet hidden gems (both people and places and knowledge) that are lying in wait right here in the British Isles and on the Continent! 

It is hoped that this film will be explorative, provocative, questioning, informative, and most of all inspiring and of great interest to viewers around the world especially those in India."

- Gaiea

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Growing up in London, Gaiea attended a school who's curriculum includes Sanskrit, and later traveled to India twice a year to expand her knowledge in the language as well as in music. Gaiea now works and lives as a musician, singing from ancient Sanskrit texts and composing new works.

"This is what happens when I sing, there is no difference between me, what is being sung, and the singing itself, it all becomes one and the same. This is why there is only one thing I have to do in this life, and that is sing in Sanskrit.


My intention is purely to follow the dharma that is guiding me. That is all. Right now my duty is to give pure sounds to the universe - pure and simple - with pure heart. 


The rest is not in my power or control or domain. The rest is in God's Divine's Mother's hands. The songs will carry you away, transport you, and give you this connection to some blissful feeling within."


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