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At the beginning of filming came across the fact that a book had been written by John Baker about the interconnectedness of all things. Robert Plant, the musician had so loved this book that he had ordered many copes of it. I tried to find one, but there were none in print, and the only one available was for £600!

So began a journey into the author of this book, and many phone calls later there was still no way of finding out anything about him. Eventually, by luck, happened to find a way to speak with the publisher of this book, a beautiful lady called Trish who also works with the British Dowsing Association.. Through her labour of love, the book has now been reprinted and copies are available again at a lot cheaper than £600!

And we visited John Gibson Forty, the author, in a care home, where he now lives, as a result of a stroke. The book he wrote is a great legacy and well worth a read. It is available to order via the British society dowsers online shop

These are the three things Chintamani ji said are the crux of a beautiful life… satsanga keeping good company, being with people who support you in living in accordance with Truth; sevā selfless action, service to all; cintana spontaneous realisation, it is grace, it is not sought or planned or asked for. I wish I could have recorded what Chintamani ji said but we were meeting in a place where no phones were technically allowed. Suffice it to say when I arrived he surprised me there, he was giving much delight to the receptionist and staff, and from the first moment of our meeting for the very first time, his eyes sparkled with joy and he began to sing, straight from the heart. Here’s to many more meetings and perhaps one day in his home country of Nepal.

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Summer Memories of Sisters in the heather

As always happens, one thing leads to another, one person leads to another, and so the journey of life goes on, the pilgrimage continues. Thus it was this late summer day when we pulled up outside Sainsbury’s in the North of England, my Mama’s home town Liverpool, to meet a lady who is living Yoga. Who would have thought where she would take us, and we were soon transported from a drizzly car park, to a radiant heather covered hill top. A dream. Sanskrit brings you where you least expect. See the video here

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