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Since the beginning of the Sanskrit Film this time last year, with your help we have raised £7k to help cover the costs of creating this film. This money has contributed to travel and accommodation and labor costs for the crew this year. We are now at the editing stage of this film, and so far it is being self funded by Gaiea. It is so nearly complete! 

We are now collaborating with Dharmic Crowd Funding which is an organisation a bit like go-fund-me but for organisations & start-ups dedicated to the service of Dharma. These include prominent scholars, gurus, media start-ups, human rights bodies, legal collectives, and more.

This is a really amazing website full of brilliant projects that are well worth taking a look at and contributing to. The button below will lead you to our Sanskrit Film page, please take a look and consider donating big or small and/or sharing the link. The film is so nearly at its end but just needs that extra push!


'This is such an important and exciting opportunity to deeply explore the present and ancient ways from the mythological to the mystical in our immediate surroundings and life. Thank you Gaiea for having us all participate with you in love and Joy!' - Kevin O'Brien

'Sanskrit is a divine language and we need to support to bring back its glory.Thanks to Gaiea ji for her dedication and hard work on this mission.' - Raghavendra Kurnool

'Thank you ....we can all walk together on a path of wonder and awe, we are curious and in our hearts the sounds of nature call to us...we are listening. thank you for making this happen.' - Ann Howden

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