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Giles Bryant from Suffolk

A great songwriter and artist who has travelled the world with his wife and family and grows his own food. He connects with the importance of the power of sound and especially chanting in the footsteps of the perpetual choirs who were once on these isles


Sangita Lakhanpal

and Adam Skerrett from Cornwall

Sangita is a sound artist who incorporates sanskrit mantra in her operatic compositions and had recently recorded an album celebrating the Dasha Mahā Vidyā. Adam has a heart that connects with the myths and legends of these isles and has walked their paths and knows the ancient stories. His encyclopaedic knowledge is currently going into a book he is writing.

Nick Gent.jpeg

Nick Gent of the Mind Orchestra

an explorer of sounds of nature, recording artist, and most likely Tibetan monk in his past life due to his adept chanting of mantra from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition


Rory Duff from Bath

Once an archeologist, with a mind so astute and precise, he now puts this to research and exploration of the happenings on our planet right now and the importance of sound and meditation at sacred sites. He has started a website which can link meditators around the world


Jon Reading - production team

Find out more about

John's work here


Zara Wilkins - Illustrator

(Artist name Ginger Green). Creating illustrations that will be part of the Sanskrit Film.


Rex Beynon from Wales

He runs Seren Retreat in Wales with his wife and provides a space where people can enjoy Āyurvedic healing and medicines.


Lucy Crisfield from Stroud

A sanskrit teacher who has touched the heart of the sounds of sanskrit, and grasped the depth and power of the grammar, and shares this with students, she also has a book coming out soon. 

Gaiea Sanskrit - Sanskrit weekend oxford 3.jpeg

Harvey - camera and editing

has been working with Gaiea over 5 years on music videos, he studied documentary film making and now has single handedly filmed and edited this series (share web link). Jon Reading - an artist and musician who plays Sarod and Guitar to exceptional  standard, a source of inspiration and fountain of knowledge and recommendations, he has acted as producer on this series

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