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At the beginning of filming came across the fact that a book had been written by John Baker about the interconnectedness of all things. Robert Plant, the musician had so loved this book that he had ordered many copes of it. I tried to find one, but there were none in print, and the only one available was for £600!

So began a journey into the author of this book, and many phone calls later there was still no way of finding out anything about him. Eventually, by luck, happened to find a way to speak with the publisher of this book, a beautiful lady called Trish who also works with the British Dowsing Association.. Through her labour of love, the book has now been reprinted and copies are available again at a lot cheaper than £600!

And we visited John Gibson Forty, the author, in a care home, where he now lives, as a result of a stroke. The book he wrote is a great legacy and well worth a read. It is available to order via the British society dowsers online shop


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