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Summer Memories of Sisters in the heather

As always happens, one thing leads to another, one person leads to another, and so the journey of life goes on, the pilgrimage continues. Thus it was this late summer day when we pulled up outside Sainsbury’s in the North of England, my Mama’s home town Liverpool, to meet a lady who is living Yoga. Who would have thought where she would take us, and we were soon transported from a drizzly car park, to a radiant heather covered hill top. A dream. Sanskrit brings you where you least expect. See the video here

When in Cornwall on our Sanskrit film pilgrimage came across this beautiful song The White Rose. Was so moved by it that decided to record it and film a video for it in Cornwall. Hope you enjoy it. The lyrics of the last verse have been made up by me, but the rest of the lyrics are from the original Cornish traditional song.

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The journey of one of Gaiea Sanskrit’s listeners through Thailand introducing people to Sanskrit. The button below will take you to Bella's vlog. Watch this video & others about the journey of making the Sanskrit film by joining / becoming a member of Gaiea Sanskrit's Youtube Channel -

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