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Always amazed at how Sanskrit brings us together, no boundaries, like we always knew each other. A joy to meet Nidhi and Arya and Mahi in Edinburgh and sing together and learn about Bharatanatyam dance. Thank you to their father Puneet who arranged this and who said “You can never know you can spark something in my daughter that’s why I wanted them to meet you”

Driving through Crystal Palace and finding myself walking up red painted steps to a Lakshmi temple in London… felt like landing in another land. Greeted by Ghanean born Acharya ji, we were welcomed for the celebration of ancestors. As one of the temple trustees said in her speech; "By honouring those who have gone before, we sew seeds for the future." Pictures of peoples, loved ones who have passed on, lined the stage amidst the flowers, Songs and prayers in Sanskrit and people from the community speaking, it was an inspiring morning. And somehow it all happened to beautifully coincide with the passing of Queen Elizabeth 2 so she was honoured there too, whether royalist or republican, whether from rich or poor, for her living a life of Sanātana dharma, putting duty above all else, with grace and dignity and uniting all.

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I returned to the birth place of my Mother and grandmother, the place of so many childhood memories - Liverpool. Visited the road Grandma lived, not far from Anfield football stadium, Liverpool FC’s iconic base! That evening visited a lady who teaches and studies Sanskrit and there was a gentleman present who used to live on the very same road as my Grandma and who loves Sanskrit, studies Sanskrit and for whom Sanskrit is a part of his every day life. Here I am with him. Sanskrit is found in the most unexpected of places. But then Sanskrit is full of surprises. And then again Sanskrit is everywhere.

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