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Was asked to go to Waterperry to give a couple of talks on Sanskrit … only one person turned up… but that didn’t matter at all! And then in the car park as was heading home heard someone call “Gaiea” and looked up to see such a presence. And we found out that just before lockdown had been due to go to INDIA to give a concert and Nandana Chaitanya was organising it. Before you knew it there we were in the car park chanting together and the seed was born to make a recording together. What a gift to come across each other and as Nandana said to meet someone who understands straight away. We chanted some verses from Vishnu Sahasranāma amongst others and it reminded me the importance of meeting in a group to chant together


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Antarma met Sanskrit aged 13 in London. The mantras flow from his lips and they are so embedded in his heart and being, as Jay said it is like being with someone from the Himalayas. And as well as a very clear and strong sādhanā, when it comes to sharing, the Sanskrit dances beautifully with rhythm and English lyrics. All in all, a ray of light in whose company you feel the power of the ancient current of Sanskrit. See more about him here


Antarma is also offering a retreat between the 4th and 10th of November 2022 in Kerala, India. Please follow this link to read more & book!

We got to meet the people who volunteer to teach students for a whole week of in depth Sanskrit study and reflection and the students who come from as far afield as New Zealand …

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