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There is a HUGE journey to undertake, we're just at the very beginning. In fact this is just the walk to the station, we haven’t even got on the train yet. Just wait until we get on the train and stop at each station! It will blow you away with the variety, and humble you in the dedication. We have only just begun and I am honoured, excited and so glad to be on this pilgrimage. For it is not just an outer journey I undertake, it is an inner one, where I learn about myself, ideas I hold fast to, and I hope that these are knocked away, and I am free from them, open in the moment to what is.

What is clear, that in moments of despair at the human condition, there is a collection of gems under my nose, but they are only visible to enjoy, when a little digging is begun. Once the work is undertaken, the depth of the quarry, the amount of gems, it is inexhaustible. But if no digging begins, it can seem like living in a desert with no water and no beauty. So here’s to the excavations and what is uncovered!

And as we continue, it becomes clear to me that this is more than a film about Sanskrit in the British Isles. It is the story of what people yearn to connect with, what people yearn to understand, what unites us all, through seeming difference. It is the story of ancient cultures, sacred sounds, and the links that tie them undoubtedly together. It is the story of something that has stood the test of time, and will stand the test of time, that is eternal and universal, sanātana dharma. It is about good vibrations, divine vibrations, the power of sound to transform, heal and bring about that which we may have thought impossible. Sonar.


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