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We visited goddess TEMPLE in Stroud, in the Heart of England … here is what Michele, a volunteer and student of Śrī Vidyā there said about our visit:

“Incredible - here I am studying Matriarchal ancient history, practising sacred Goddess ways, discovering priestess knowledge , doing the sacred mantras, learning about the magical language of Sanskrit and connecting with the material of Gaiea Sanskrit on YouTube for weeks and a few days ago Gaiea and I are introduced because she is making a film about the return of Ancient Goddess knowledge and wanted to interview me. Nobody told me who she was just "a Sanskrit scholar wants to interview you for a film she is making on Goddess and something Sanskrit too. Goddess gave her a revelation to do the film."

It felt good to me so I said “ yeah ok." What a blast and what a sacred space to let it all flow! We touched on cosmic yonis, economics, 5 million armies of thought form destroyed by Chandhi , what we know about Goddess sacred society in the Neolithic era, sacred feminine power, the new age branding of women’s groups as Goddess circles and the places of consciousness with no reference points plus more!

I loved every second. What a humble, gifted and HIGHLY intuitive being. Every single question she asked before and during the interview she read my soul and knew exactly what was here to be shared. Her music and YouTube Chanel are sublime. She asked me to lead the chanting !!! I had no idea who she was at the time of the interview . So funny . I thought Ganesha was about a little today too , funny one He is 🤩Don’t get me started on the fairies from Avalon 🧚‍♀️

To top it all off she was given the same secret mantra in Sanskrit to chant for the interview that I am working with at the moment and as a sign that Goddess brought us together .

🌺🌺Aiming to get the film out May 2023🌺

🌺🌺You can’t make this chit up.

🌺🌺Sat Chit Ananda

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Dec 07, 2022

That's awesome!

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