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It is an incredible “journey” to be on, when once a seed is sown the tree grows all on its own. In this case the seed sewn was the idea to make a film documentary series based around Sanskrit in London, England, wales, Ireland, Scotland, and discover more of the sacredness of these isles. The tree that is now growing totally of its own accord offers so many varieties of fruits and there is an energy and momentum like you hear and see in this fresh water.

People I thought may be no more, turn out to be still alive, things that had I thought seemed to make sense but there was no proof now can be connected with people who have spent all their lives studying them and can show how Vedic culture is linked directly with these isles (and lands all over this earth), and most beautifully of all, as this gentlemen said;

"The temples to which you make this pilgrimage to, are the people who carry the essence of eternal wisdom within them."

We may have written word, books, text, email, kindle … but what remains just as important as it was thousands of years ago is the oral tradition, the passing on of wisdom from one to another, whether spoken or sung, and it is this wisdom I encounter in the people we meet along the way. For when something is received in this manner it is taken to heart and practised and understood and thus the process of śravanam (hearing), mananam (understanding) and nididhyāsanam (putting into practice) is realised. And the word is made flesh."


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