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We wanted to meet some swamis at an ashram but weren’t allowed to film inside. Then as we drove away, there was a roadside stall selling local honey and jam. Wherever I go always like to bring mum back a jar of local honey. So got out of the car and it turns out the man selling the local honey was a swami from the ashram who had been a cook there for 40 years!! He invited us into his home where he performed pūja (a Sanskrit prayer ceremony showing reverence and homage to the divine) and we chanted to the divinities from Hinduism and from Christianity. He lived in a small hut and had devoted his house to rescue animals. You never know who you’re going to meet and you never know how things will turn out. But one thing feels for sure… God has better plans for us than we can have for ourselves, if you know what I mean!! And luckily we had the Tanpura in the car to play during the pūja.


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