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To be able to gather with thousands of people in the presence of the stones to celebrate the summer solstice was quite an experience. Especially in the morning when everyone cheered as the sun rose. At some points during the night, when the drumming, the people, the lack of sleep might have seemed to much, the presence of the stones became even more beautiful because they were like these still, majestic, mothers and fathers, watching with no comment, whilst their children played around them. And how much they must have been in the presence of over thousands of years! During the night the temperature was very cold, but the stones were neither cold nor hot, just a warmth. And a lady in the morning said as she lay her had and body on a stone, “you know, if you are touching the stones at sunrise, you receive a special energy which enables you to complete something very important, and as the day dawns, the one stone you touch is charged up by all the other stones, they interact, and you receive all that energy.”

Rather like trees in the forest that know and communicate with each other. The stones know and communicate with each other.

Thousands of years later people still gather at the stones.

*📷Emily Reed and Jon Reading

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Aug 18, 2022

Stones keep the energy and you would feel them when you touch it. I like to meet and find special stones when I go out for walking, better do it in the sunny day around noon. When you find one you hold it and feel the heat healing you from the palm to the whole body, like you are in a paradise.

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