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On the journey in Ireland, we were hosted by Satish ji and his family. We sat and chanted from the Mantra Pushpam, Narayanopanishad, and felt like reached a cross roads in life. Up until now have been focussing on the pronunciation of the sounds of Sanskrit; now comes the time to refine to understand the nuances, the emphasis, and the gestures that accompany the chanting. This is the next chapter of discovery!

Thank you Satish ji for showing me, introducing me to your teacher, and lighting the next step of the way as you said "we are only the nimitta, a pipe between the tank and the bucket."

To watch full video of Gaiea chanting with Satish become a member of Gaiea’s YouTube channel. All monthly membership costs go towards the film and when you are a member you get access to exclusive content and “ backstage” videos of Gaiea on the Sanskrit film journey as well as special chantings.


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